Solve your toughest business challenges with ixanet industry-focused services.

ixanet can be used to build scalable infrastructure at a lower cost, deploy new cloud services and scale up workloads based on demand – all within a security-rich platform.

About Us

It’s no secret that the cloud can offer incredible agility, scalability and opportunities for innovation as well as significant cost savings to businesses of every size, but knowing where to start can be daunting. ixanet cloud consulting services can guide you along your cloud transformation path to effectively using cloud solutions, be it fully cloud-native, hybrid, single or multi-cloud, and help you navigate the impact on people, culture, processes and tech. Businesses of every size can take advantage of our cloud consultancy services to discover the cloud adoption approach that works for their needs.


AES 256-bit encryption and the TLS protocol, which protects data during transfers to data centers. All data with ixanet have the necessary controls and measures that comply with local and corporate requirements and subject only to Canadian law.

Business analysis

Starting with a thorough discovery of all computing activities of our customers, we detect gaps and challenges they are facing here and now. Such an audit helps customers recognize beneficial opportunities hidden in cloud-based infrastructures and processes. We can prove that cloud computing is more efficient than non-cloud one by default. Efficiency is what drives modern business forward — our professional expertise allows customers to see things through the lenses of doing business in clouds.


Cloud Consulting Services
SaaS ( Software as a Service)
Website Development
Digital Strategy

The IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) way of doing modern business helps small and middle-sized organizations effectively distribute their financial and labor resources without spending much on traditional commercial facilities

How your business can benefit from ixanet cloud consulting:

Cost savings
Mitigate risks
Identify vulnerable areas in the architecture

Get a customized cloud strategy for your business,
ixanet work with your organization to better align solutions and architecture with the goals of your business


Our technology consultants perform a detailed cloud readiness discovery of your current architecture and the solutions being used across compute, storage, network, security and operations environments. We’ll also capture the business vision and key drivers, which are essential for aligning your cloud transformation strategy. The consulting team performs extensive research to identify the best solutions to include in the architecture and design.

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